What  Our Clients Are Saying

Dan Koffel, CEO / Corporate President
Snyder Roofing and Sheet Metal

"We are leaders in our industry, but knew that we needed a unique approach and expertise to help us take our company to the next level. Jean and her team at New Legends have been the perfect fit. The customized, action-oriented approach has helped us do more in 18 months toward our long term goals then we thought possible. Our relationship with New Legends has forever changed our company, and I am excited to continue on with this amazing journey." 

Scott Judkins, Founder and CEO

"Every CEO wants a high-performing team. New Legends has helped us embrace the key to a high performing team--teammates who are empowered to make an impact on a meaningful purpose. Because of New Legends insight and leadership, we've embraced a journey of learning, growth, and development. We're pursuing happiness. We're pursing true community. New Legends has changed my life and PayTrace's culture. I've never had more fun as a CEO and leader."

Lisa Kunze
Director, Engagement & Communications
Talent and OD, New York City Transit

“New Legends played an integral role in the creation and launch of our Knowledge Management program at NYCT. They truly became a part of our team, sharing their strategic insights, creative learning solutions and amazing coaching skills in a way that has uniquely set us up for success. Leb and Jean have earned our admiration, trust and respect – we look forward to the opportunity to work with them again soon.”

Kevin Wann
Owner Pacific Lifestyle Homes

"New Legends has done a great job at Strategic planning and leadership coaching. I have found them to have high integrity and a unique ability to understand complex business issues and recommend simple solutions."

Sara Stowe
Talent Acquisition Manager

"Working with New Legends Now has provided a powerful touchpoint for my team. We consistently refer to and use the tools and insights we gathered through our work with Patsy. My team is doing well; we have referred back to the Safety Net and the agreements to advocate for ourselves and ask for clarity when we need it. These tools are so important to us that we’re having our Marketing department create desk cards to remind us of these important takeaways. One of the team ended up leaving after the offsite; she didn’t take to heart the agreements we had made as a team and couldn’t align around the way we need to work together to be successful. It was very insightful to understand that while the work was good, the inability to contribute to the culture was going to always be in the way if there wasn’t alignment. It has definitely been best for the team, and we since have brought on an amazing team member who contributes greatly.”

Trevor Redern
VP of Technology

“I wish I could reach in my brain and pull out everything I’ve learned from New Legends to share with the world. I’ve grown not only professionally with the tools that they have taught me, but I’ve developed more open-mindedness and compassion for all the people in my life. I love them.”

Justin Goes
Director of Operations

“New Legends organizational development toolkit and culture by design have been instrumental in the success at PayTrace. Their guidance and tutelage at a team and individual level has allowed us to maintain high performance, joy and fulfillment as we continue to scale.”

Carina Hamel
Founder of Nine Concept Creation

“I am not a planner but the strategic planning process with Patrick and Leb provided me with clarity and hope in a tough time of figuring out what I want my company to be and how I can get it there. I founded my company 6 years ago and prior to working with Patrick and Leb, never set a strong foundation for scalable growth. While we are still sifting through the weeds, I have the utmost confidence we can get where we want to be. Patrick is keeping us accountable and the process we worked through is providing key check points along the way to make sure we don't stray from our core values and desires. It's easy to get distracted and chase too many paths, which I have been guilty of in the past. By creating our plan, we are making decisions quickly and giving ourselves gut checks to keep us in line. I am grateful for the work we did with New Legends Now and highly recommend them to any business who needs to gain clarity in where they are heading.”