Samuel Liberant

Samuel has dedicated more than 22 years to helping drive workplace effectiveness and change in a diverse array of major industries. He has devised and delivered organizational change plans for projects and initiatives that involved transitions to flexible workplaces, clarifying purpose, improving culture, developing new business models, restructures, and implementing new technology. High-energy and adaptable […]

Loriann Hoffman

Creative, strategic, and insightful, Loriann has logged more than 30 years on the inside of organizations, specifically in the transportation and healthcare industries. A strong belief that everyone has potential underpins her focus on culture, leadership, and talent development. She has a passion for creating initiatives to help leaders realize their potential and achieve extraordinary […]

Jennifer Haury

Think of Jennifer as a visionary organizational anthropologist who can facilitate the future. For the past 30 years, she has helped others identify patterns and create positive forward momentum in the fields of healthcare, retail, government, technology, nonprofit, and educational systems. When she isn’t busy taking a human-centered design approach to intentionally building culture, or […]

Daniel Eisenman

Dan is an expert in individual and team communications, an experienced executive coach, advisor, and consultant with more than 27 years’ leadership and training experience ranging across the healthcare, military, transportation, retail, and insurance fields. His advisory expertise across this broad spectrum of industries focuses on helping executive leaders and teams—from CEOs to chief surgeons, […]

Greg Carlson

Greg is a leadership coach and consultant with 15 years’ experience supporting adult learning. He built his career teaching, coaching, and leading in schools across the globe. His clients’ industries include education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, tech, defense, and nonprofits. Greg has presented at national and global conferences on leadership and experiential learning. He has a B.A. […]

Lydia Mills

A self-motivated organizer with integrity as her watchword, Lydia lives by a quote from novelist Nicholas Sparks: “In the end, you should always do the right thing even if it’s hard.” With a record of 15 years’ experience in organizational and project management, she has an MBA in management and strategy in addition to certifications […]

Patsy Feeman

Patsy draws on her deep background in design and project/program management to help organizations clarify what matters most, so they can reach their highest level of performance. A strategist and change manager who takes a systems perspective to help clients execute on strategy, she brings the art and science of team and leadership development to […]

Chelley Patterson

With a distinctive blend of real-world business experience, expertise in developing strategic leadership and high performance teams, and skills in creative facilitation and coaching, Chelley delivers holistic solutions that integrate clients’ leadership, strategy, culture, and change imperatives while building resilience and capacity for innovation. In 15 years as an external consultant, she has worked across […]

Leb Tennenbaum

Leb has an extensive organizational development consulting background, anchored by real-time experience as an “inside” consulting executive and guided by a straightforward set of objectives: To illuminate, innovate, develop, and bring clarity and alignment to organizations of every size and people at every level. Thanks to his more than 30 years’ experience in fields ranging […]

Jean Brittingham

Jean is a change management strategist and systems thinker with 30 years’ experience in addressing organizational complexity. Thanks to half a career inside organizations with P&L responsibility, she has a keen understanding of and respect for the pressures and challenges her clients face. She has worked across sectors and industries with clients ranging from city, […]