The wisdom to lead.
The power to succeed.

The tools to get you there.

The wisdom to lead.
The power to succeed.

The tools to get you there.

High-performance doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice.

Research has shown us that high-performing companies are created by high-performing teams made up of high-performing individuals. They share a common language and have mastered a set of tools that allow them to relate to each other – and the challenges they face – in ways that foster trust and mutual respect. The clear and explicit agreements about how they show up for themselves and each other create a culture where everyone can thrive.

Our four-part framework supports, guides and sustains organizational transformation.

We understand the mechanisms that help leaders and teams succeed, and we focus on bringing common language, simple tools and supportive technology to assure long-term success.


Culture is powerful. It can attract or repel talent; catalyze or undermine strategy.
Don’t let yours develop by default. With meaningful data and proven tools, we help leaders consciously design and align company culture with strategies for excellence and execution.


Quality of leadership has an outsized impact on organizational culture and success. Unlock this potential and you’ll find the key to engaging talent companywide. We challenge and coach leaders to develop the skills, insight, and self-awareness they need to excel and inspire.

high performance

We challenge conventional thinking to simplify strategic planning. The “art of exclusion” is at the heart of our process; we focus on the essence of your organization, on the most important elements for the successful execution of your strategy.


Strategic thinking – backed by disciplined action and active learning – exceeds expectations. Learn how to set clear and meaningful goals, clarify individual actions and KPIs, and build upon the values and practices that support your organizational excellence.

High-performing organizations operate with
 a common language and tools

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Tools at your fingertips and a coach in your pocket! Guidance on the go to facilitate the success of entire teams with:

+ Tutorials
+ Meeting preparation
+ Self-assessment + inquiry
+ Team dynamics, feedback and analysis

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The customized, action-oriented approach of the New Legends team has helped us do more in 18 months toward our long term goals than we thought possible. The collaboration has forever changed our company, and I am excited to continue this amazing journey.”

Dan Koffel | CEO/Corporate President, Snyder Roofing and Sheet Metal

“Because of New Legends’ insight and leadership, we’ve embraced a journey of learning, growth, and development. We’re pursuing happiness and meaning. We’re pursuing authentic community. In the process we’ve become a high-performing team—where individuals are empowered to make an impact. New Legends has changed my life as a leader and PayTrace’s culture. Every CEO wants a high-performing team, but I never imagined it would be this fun!”

Scott Judkins | Founder & CEO of Paytrace

“In the creation and launch of our Knowledge Management program at NYCT, New Legends truly became a part of our team, sharing their strategic insights, creative learning solutions and amazing coaching skills in a way that uniquely set us up for success. We look forward to the opportunity to work with them again soon.”

Lisa Kunze | Director, Engagement & Communications Talent and OD, New York City Transit

“New Legends’s strategic planning and leadership support came with high integrity and a unique ability to grasp complex business issues and recommend simple solutions.”

Kevin Wann | Owner, Pacific Lifestyle Homes

“Working with New Legends has provided a powerful touchpoint for my team. Using the tools and insights we gathered through our work with New Legends, we’ve been able to navigate toward deeper alignment, paving the way for team members to make substantial contributions.”

Sara Stowe | Talent Acquisition Manager, Insitu

I wish I could share everything I’ve learned from New Legends with the world. I’ve not only grown professionally with the tools that they have taught me, I’ve also developed more open-mindedness and compassion for all the people in my life.”

Trevor Redern | previous VP of Technology, PayTrace (now Engineering Team Leader and Manager at Etsy)

New Legends organizational development toolkit and culture-by-design approach have been instrumental for our success at PayTrace. Their guidance at a team and individual level has allowed us to sustain high performance, joy and fulfillment as we continue to scale.”

Justin Goes | Director of Operations, PayTrace

New Legends’ strategic planning process provided me with the ability to figure out what I want my company to be and how to get it there. We now have accountability built into our culture, and key checkpoints to make sure we don’t stray from our core values and desires—it’s easy to get distracted and chase too many paths. I highly recommend them to any business who needs clarity in where they are heading.”

Carina Hamel | Founder, Nine Concept Creation